From Suicidal to Salvation: One Veteran Finding Jesus in the Darkness!

Apr 3, 2023

A gentleman came in to ask for utility assistance, Angel (receptionist) checked the usual documents and
let him know the next steps.

He mentioned to her that he could not go on anymore (a suicidal type of
wording) and left. Angel quickly told our Family Services Coordinator what had transpired;

She told her, “Get him back.”

Angel bounded out the front door and yelled for him…he was half a block away.

Another client in the waiting room also went out and yelled for him. They found him wiping tears away.
Our friend came back…one of our pastors met with him to counsel him and present the hope of Jesus to

He shared the Gospel - letting him know Jesus is the way-the only way as tears were wiped away.
Our friend will be joining our Bible study group tonight.

I took his mess of papers, sorted, and made files for him, gave him a backpack to carry them home.

We worked on his budget, utilities, and now have a plan for those. Our friend, a veteran, came in

knowing he could find help here, he found something much better – because Jesus reigns here.  

Our friend has volunteered here previously and was given information about our programs including VPD.

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