Finding Home - Amelia's Story

Apr 16, 2024 | by Hannah Harris

Growing up in a military family from living from state to state as a child, Amelia always knew she would follow in her families’ footsteps, “I have 12 siblings and most everyone joined the military, including my parents… so I wanted to also prove to myself and my family that I too could join and succeed.” And that is exactly what Amelia did, she joined the military straight out of high school just 3 months after her graduation. Amelia, small and petite, found her role serving as a cook, which she says was quite an interesting experience learning to cook and to cook the military way.

Overall, Amelia had a both rewarding and challenging time in the military, an experience she doesn’t regret. “I soon had to leave because I physically could not do it anymore… my body wasn’t holding up for it.” By 20 years old Amelia for the first time ever, was on her own. Which direction to go was a scary decision with very little support from family. “After I got out, I was just trying to figure out what I was going to do… I tried to find work, currently was living in Texas and knew it wasn’t for me. For some reason Colorado spoke to me, so I decided to move to Colorado.”

Once Amelia arrived to Colorado she moved in with her sister-in law along with her now husband who she also met in Texas, and reached out to the VA for some help. “We lived with my sister-in-law for about a month and then we knew we were overstaying our welcome and had to figure it out quickly.” The VA was able to help Amelia and her husband by directing them to The Salvation Army and its Supportive Services for Veteran Families program where Amelia and her husband found refuge in. “I worked with the SSVF case managers, and they were amazing. They helped us find a house… I can’t praise them enough, they really put their foot down in helping us find housing. Not to mention being so patient and replying to us so quickly. If I had a question, they were on it… it was so relieving during that stressful time.”

Amelia and her husband, with the help of Supportive Services for Veteran Families program found a home they could nestle in and call home. SSVF not only found them a suitable home to live in, but helped with the down payment, first months rent and utilities.

I am so very happy, I am currently enrolled in school going after my associate in business and a BS in entrepreneurship, someday it’s my dream to own my one business. If it weren’t for The Salvation Army I wouldn’t have gotten this far.”

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