Love Beyond Father's Day

Jun 26, 2022

Tim's First Father's Day 

Tim and Gina didn’t expect to be experiencing homelessness just weeks before their baby girl was due to be born. But they were! Unable to find employment and a place to live after moving from Texas in mid-March, they were desperate for a place to stay. They turned to The Salvation Army Shelter & Services at RJ Montgomery for help.

Just weeks after entering the shelter, baby Iva was born.

 “We named her Iva - which means God is gracious – because God was so gracious
for providing people at The Salvation Army Shelter to help us
during this desperate time,” said the proud new dad.
“This was certainly not where we expected to be when she was born, but it was definitely a gift from God,” Tim added.

Tim was determined to do whatever it took to provide a warm, safe place for Gina and baby Iva, even if it meant staying on the men’s side of the shelter by himself. Tim promptly started working with case managers and volunteering at the shelter while he searched for fulltime employment. The case managers helped Tim and Gina obtain proper identification and cell phones needed for employment.

“I’ve never needed assistance's been a long hard process,” says Tim. "But it was worth it."

 We not only celebrated Tim’s first Father’s Day with him – but also that he started a new job last week at a local machine shop! Congrats Tim!

 Thanks to the support of people like you, Tim and his family are well on their way to self-sufficiency again.

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