County Coordinators & Colorado Springs Corps Officers

Majors Richard & Tammy Larson

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Who We Are

For over 125 years, The Salvation Army has helped those in need in our community. Last year, we served more than 19,000 unique individuals in El Paso County by providing them with basic human needs many of us take for granted.

Together, we have done remarkable things in El Paso County. Together we will continue to help struggling fami-lies. Please join us, your support helps us change lives.


Assistant Corps Officers

Colorado Springs Corps

Lieutenants Saul & Crystal Smoak

Corps Officers

Fountain Valley Corps

Lieutenants Jeff & Regeina Williams

Our History

The Salvation Army was founded in 1865 to help the poor, the homeless, the hungry and those in need or in crisis. The organization arrived in El Paso County in 1889 and continues to help those in need through various programs and services. Our pledge is to "Do the Most Good" with the community's contributions of money time and other resources. All donations to our Salvation Army remain in El Paso County to fund local assistance services.

William Booth, a young minister, left the "Methodist New Connexion" in order to begin a mission in the poverty-ridden London East End. With his wife, Catherine, he "reached for the worst," rather than cultivate the comfortable middle class. In 1878, by a fortunate inspiration, the name was changed from the "Christian Mission," to "The Salvation Army." Immediately, the movement captured the public imagination. Incorporating paramilitary ranks and uniforms, the movement spread throughout the British Isles. In 1880 the first missionary, George Scott Railton, was sent to New York. With the aid of seven untutored "lassies," The Salvation Army was soon on its way along the East Coast. At nearly the same time, operations began on the  West Coast and within ten there were 67 corps, or churches, spreading north to Seattle, south to San Diego, and east to Montana and Utah.

The El Paso County Corps is part of the Western Territory of The Salvation Army that now encompasses the 13 western states as well as the Marshall Islands, Guam and Micronesia. Led by its Territorial Commander, Commissioners James and Carolyn Knaggs, the territory has more than 300 corps community centers and numerous social service units.

Today, The Salvation Army ministers in more than 130 countries worldwide, and the Gospel is preached by its officers in 114 languages.

Board Members

El Paso County Executive Board

Craig Whitney, Acting Chair; Larry Gilliam, Treasurer; Kelly Means Property, Rick Couch, Programs

El Paso County Advisory Board

Randy Gardiner, Terrance D. McWilliams, Steve Blazer, Ray Nunn, Shawn Clift, Matt Vineyard, John Cantu, Greg Mitchell, Dawn Watson, Ken Montera, Ted Wright, Kevin Olsen, Nicholas Gledich, Thomas Nelson, Ted Wright, Jim Strang, Scott Simms, Steve Hocking, Robert Robinson, Karen Hunt, Patricia Collins, Scott Turner (Fountain Valley Chair)

Fountain Valley Advisory Board

Scott Turner (Fountain Valley Chair) Chuck Larson, Commissioner Dennis Hisey, Sharon Thompson


Women's Auxiliary

The Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary (SAWA) is a group of women from around El Paso County who have joined together to support The Salvation Army's projects and programs through fundraising and other speical events.

We would love to welcome you as part of our philanthropic organization. Monthly meetings are typically a noon luncheon and meeting the 4th Thursday of the month at The Salvation Army headquarters at 908 Yuma Street. The Auxiliary typically does not meet June and July.

For more information, please contact the President, at or the Membership Chairperson at

Mission Statement: The Women's Auxiliary will assist the Salvation Army by promoting projects that supply basic human necessities to individuals regardless of race, color, creed, sex or age.

Our Promise to You

The Salvation Army values your support. Without it, we could "Do the Most Good" in our community. That is why we solemnly promise to:

Protect your privacy by never selling, renting or making available your name or information related to your gifts to any other organization.

Give you opportunities to determine how and when you will be asked to contribute so you can receive less mail.

Provide you proof that your generosity is "Doing the Most Good" to bring hope to your world and to individual lives.

Give you a quick response to any question you have about The Salvation Army's finances and programs.

Welcome you to visit our offices and meet personally with a Salvation Army representative.

Every Salvation Army location throughout the world has the same mission, which has been consistent since the organization's beginnings in 1865 - to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name, without discrimination.. Yet each location carries out that mission in slightly different ways, responding to the needs of each community and keeping the money contributed from each community local. We promise to be good stewards of your time, talents and treasures.

Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in joining our team. We do not currently have any job openings.

We always encourage you to contact our office at (719) 636-3891 and volunteer! Volunteering will give you job experience and a chance to give back to the community.