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The Salvation Army serves more than 30 million Americans annually with 3.5 million volunteers. The Salvation Army has a presence in 126 countries worldwide and is the only charitable organization that offers services in every zip code.

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Local Stories

Contact: Jeane Turner, The Salvation Army Community Relations and Special Events Manager         Date: 11/27/2015

The Salvation Army Emergency Continues to Feed Emergency Responders for the Beulah Fire

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services teams from Colorado Springs, Fountain Valley, Denver and Pueblo have provided over 1,400 meals for the  Beulah, CO fire Emergency Responders.  The Salvation Army will continue feeding crews through dinner tomorrow night and into the late hours of the evening, at which time the Incident Command is expected to bring in incident type two catering trucks.

In the last 24 hours, in addition to over 1,400 meals, The Salvation Army has provided over 4,000 bottles of water and sports drinks; over 700 cups of coffee and 5 gallons of juice; 300 pastries and bagels, as well as more than 2,000 snack items and 200 fresh fruits. At this time, we are asking that individuals contribute money to The Salvation Army in Colorado Springs, Pueblo or Fountain Valley  in lieu of food or drink items, specific iitems needed can be purchased. 

    Emergency Disaster Services is one of the many services provided by The Salvation Army. In an emergency, The Salvation Army’s first goal is to meet the basic needs of first responders and those affected by the emergency. The second goal is to assist with the recovery, which can last for years. 

. For more information contract Jeane Turner.

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